The Permission to Doodle with @SunniBrownInk

The teacher told me not to doodle in my notebook.  I admit that there are plenty of worse things to be told but, for grade-school me, it was a moment that interrupted a style of thinking that I really valued (though I wouldn’t have been able to say that at the time).


Why share this story?  I’m sharing it because I’ll bet a teacher told YOU not to doodle in your notebook at some point.  I would be willing to bet that a large number of people reading this have arrived here because they were, at one point or another, denied the permission to draw!  If I can be presumptuous enough to lump us all together, North Americans (and especially North American teachers) have tended to undervalue the latent capacity-building power of doodling.  It has taken me almost 30 years to return to a place where I will doodle to support my listening and I find myself wondering what I might have missed!


Sunni Brown (@SunniBrownInk) is a prominent member of the legion who are working to remind people that they HAVE permission to think visually. Her TED talk about the power of doodling serves as the actual manifesto for the actual #DoodleRevolution that she and like-minded entrepreneurs are setting in motion.  I’m sharing it here because I found it was very inspirational for me to start thinking about doodling as a legitimate support to my teaching, management, and facilitation practice!


Enjoy (and go ahead – doodle your notes!)