You might have some questions about what we do.  Here are some of the most common:

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Q: What is a “SketchPlan?”

A: A SketchPlan is just like any doodle or sketch you might do (or have done) on a napkin or notepad.  The difference between yours and mine is that YOU are not the one making it!  Let me be your second set of eyes and SHOW you what you are saying to the world in your planning or procedures.  I want to work with you to accurately reflect your ideas and help you work through whatever it is.

Here is an example:

Gamestorm Plan

SketchPlan for client meeting – Feb 12, 2016















Q: Can you help me with my personal visioning as well as with business planning.

A: Yes, but I am not a life coach.  Sometimes, personal plans are strongly intertwined with professional plans.  A good SketchPlan will help you see which is which and make choices about where you want to direct your precious energy.


Q: I am not a visual learner – Can you translate your sketches into other media for me (like text?).

A: Yes.  The goal is to create a picture that you can see and use as you work towards your goals.  I will work with whatever medium I need in order to help you get where you are going.


Q: So, you draw pictures of what I say…Is that all?

A: No.  I am a teacher, manager, instructional designer, facilitator and all-around resourceful person.  I can work with you on the basis of a single project or develop a big-ticket facilitation and training program for you and your business.  Check out my Services page for more information on what else I can help you with.