About Visual Facilitation

I am a Visual Practitioner

Visual representation of a complex situation

Using visual devices to make meaning is not new.  Systems of writing from all around the world are based on simple marks that represent ideas, events and actions. Over time, marks have been used to make meaning out of very complex ideas and situations.  When you imagine the marks on a chalkboard in a football locker room or the models displaying military maneuvers, it becomes obvious that many people use pictures to help them work through complex and dynamic situations.


As a visual facilitator, I use doodles, drawings, sketches, and illustrations to make sense of your complex content.  In some cases, that might be all you and your group needs.  In other cases, these will be used alongside other group facilitation techniques that allow your people to work together to grapple with whatever it is being explored.  At the end of the day, the marks we make are tools for the meaning we want to grasp.  I can guide you and your group to use these tools to the greatest advantage for your ultimate goals, big or small.