About Visual Facilitation

I am a Visual Practitioner

Using visual devices to make meaning is not new.  Systems of writing from all around the world are based on simple m

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I want to facilitate your next meeting.


Contact me to discuss your strategic planning, visioning, problem solving or training needs.

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What services do I offer?


I simplify complex problems.  This can mean that I will visually capture what people discuss in a meeting.

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Facilitation that looks amazing!

Scott performing Graphic facilitation in Edmonton

Scott performing Graphic facilitation in Edmonton

Use Graphic Facilitation to visualize your goals!

My name is Scott.  I am a facilitator, teacher, manager, and designer.  In the course of my work with you I will analyze your needs, design engaging experiences for you and your company, and help you to reflect on execution for increasing effectiveness.

What you get:

  • A clear picture (literally) of where you are and the paths to success that may be available.
  • Focused yet flexible facilitation of the hard conversations that are necessary on the road to success.


Why graphic facilitation?

  • Getting everyone in your organization onto the same page is critical for success (even in a company of 1). Traditional corporate visioning, training, and strategic planning is often undertaken with gritted teeth and hidden agendas.  A better approach is to get everyone’s thoughts out where they can be seen, explored, considered and acted upon.  


Services I can provide:

  • Graphic recording and facilitation for strategic planning
  • Technical writing and custom illustration
  • Instructional design for training (includes curriculum development, deployment and evaluation; face-to-face, blended or online instruction)
  • Program/project evaluation


My specialties are: Group Facilitation, Systemic Design, Graphic Facilitation, Illustration and Visual Storytelling, Instructional Design, eLearning/Online Learning, Project Management and Project/Program Evaluation.